If you are still seeing this message it is for one of two reasons:

1. If your domain name is at an external registrar and you may still need to update the A Records (unless you changed them and they are still updating).

Here are the instructions to change your A Records if you still need to. Note if your domain is at we have changed it for you and you can proceed to step 2 below.

Please go into your domain manager at your existing Registrar and add the following IP address to the A record (this should replace your existing A record which will be one of these 3 numbers: or or

Replace your old A record with this number:

This will link your domain name to your Class Creator web site. You may need to add an A Record for the domain with and without the www. In many systems the domain with the www is a CName pointing to the domain without the www which is fine. If there is no existing CName entry for the www add the A Record for both. If you need assistance please call your Registrar by phone and read them the above instructions and they will be able to assist you. Please note that the ONLY thing you need to change at your Registrar is your A records. You do not need to change anything else, such as nameservers.

2. Some users may be seeing this message because their browser has cached the page.

If you are seeing this message after June 1st please do the following to refersh your browser:

Windows users: <Shift><F5> or <Ctrl><F5>

Mac users: <Command><R> or <Command><Option><R>

If the first option does not work please visit this site for detailed instructions on how to clear your browser cache on Windows, Mac and Mobile: Clearing your web browser cache.